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Tree Tomato

My Tomato Tree...also known as Tree Tomato is astonishing and belongs in everyone's Vegetable Garden.
I've grown them and have seen the stem be as large as the diameter of a small fruit tree.  My average one grows 12' to 15'..but I've seen them in my garden reach 20'+.
Talk about saving $$$?  You can get over a Bushel of Tomatoes from each plant.
Grow just like any other tomato plant...but give it more fertilizer to fill it's hungry appetite.
You need to either stake it or let it grow along a fence or trellis...or make your own tressil with Tomato stakes spaced 6' apart with string tied across them at each 1' interval...and train it to climb up the string.  Growing large Tomatoes is as easy as growing tomatoes that are small...
I actually have grown my Tree tomatoe in a 5 gallon pot...put in a 6' stake...then when it was ties to the top let the rest of the plant growth just cascade down the Tomato Stake again.  Easy.
Do the Math.  Compare a Bushel of Tomatoes from the Tree tomatoes...ONE TINY plant....a full bushel to the Supermarket.
Supermarket prices can hit $1.99 a pound up to $3.99 a pound.    You can grow a Bushel of Tomato Tree tomatoes for Penny's per pound.

Penny Mohney

Tomato Tree


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