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Everyone loves big juicy tomatoes and the red heirloom tomato by far out sells every other tomato in the world. It's also the main ingredient of the world's best selling condiment-Salsa. The red tomato comes in many shapes and sizes and is more versatile than any other vegetable or fruit. There is nothing like the flavor of a home grown tomato and growing tomatoes can be easy and rewarding not only to the pallet but to the pocket book as well.

There are a million tomato sauce recipes but for thick rich tomato sauces then most chefs agree use the San Marzano tomato. For Burgers and Sandwiches try the big juicy Beefsteak tomato and for preserving tomatoes or canning tomatoes try the Roma variety.

We offer only the best heirloom tomato seeds here at Penny's Tomatoes and offer tips on growing tomatoes as well as some wonderful tomato recipes. Some other tasty tomatoes that you might want to try are the gourmet tomato varieties like Black Krim and Cherokee Purple which are some of the tastiest tomatoes on the planet.

For growing tomatoes and planting tomatoes visit where you'll find some great gardening tips. There's nothing like eating and cooking with fresh juicy tomatoes especially when they're homegrown.

Also, Growing tomatoes and planting tomatoes can be SO rewarding. There is nothing like a red ripe tasty tomato picked right off the vine. And boy, the dishes you can make with them......

Red ripe juicy Tomatoes topping stuffed Bell peppers.

Nothing like tasty red tomatoes in a Spaghetti Sauce

Look at the juice dripping from these delicious Burbank Toamtoes

Brushetta topped with San Marzano tomatoes.
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