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Penny's Special De-seeding Process

I get a lot of letters about saving seeds. It is always best to buy your seeds from a reputable Seed Dealer. They will last several years.

One big thing that differentiates us from other seed companies is our Seeds. We don't use machines...but with my Special Seeds we hand pick them from ripe tomatoes and only save the best, largest and most mature seeds. I have several processes that I use. Shown here is a water extraction method that separates out the strongest seeds from the runts.

Also, I have seeds dried in the Sun on Paper sheets. As you can see there is a deliberate process to it. Try to find these seeds at Burpees or Wal-Mart or Lowes.

The best place to store your seeds is in a cool, dark space close to room temperature. Some customers ask me about keeping them in the Freezer. Even though Mother Nature freezes her seeds (in the Winter), if even a LITTLE moisture gets in the container, they can get severely burnt. Again, stick with a Company that cares about YOU and the Seeds....and stays with you every step of the way.

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