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Here's an example of our Customer Interaction on Facebook:

Robin Gwynn Wilkerson
Hey Penny, This is a great page... continued luck!! I just shared and hope I get entered in your contest!! I need me some seeds!!! From Indiana!!

Penny's Tomatoes and Pepper Joe's
Thanks Robin!! I really appreciate the help and of course your names in the hat:) Have a great weekend! Penny

Judy Noonan Harnum
My husband and I tried growing tomatoes last yr and it was just a disaster we got maybe 4 tomatoes. It was so disappointing.

Penny's Tomatoes and Pepper Joe's
Judy, When our customers order from us we stay with them every step of the way to help out. We don't just take their money and run like the larger companies. Join our Free Newsletter and stay tuned on Facebook for constant growing tips.

Kathie Crawley
My husband and I planted our first garden in the spring/summer of 2010. We harvested more than 40 pounds of cayenne, Habenero, jalapeno, and sweet green peppers, 200 pounds of zucchini and yellow crookneck squash, 20 pounds of okra, 50 pounds of heirloom and other tomato varieties, 50 pounds of white cucumbers, and approximately 100 ears of Silver Queen corn. We shared our bounty with family, friends, and my husbands co-workers for several months. This picture is just a sampling of our harvesting.

Penny's Tomatoes and Pepper Joe's
That is absolutely awesome Kathie. All of the veggies look so fresh an delicious. We have many Newbie Gardeners here and you will be in inspiration to them. You're going to need a bigger table. :) Tomato-Ly Yours, Penny

Kevin R. Sullivan
What is the latest we should start seeds in upstate NY so make sure do not get to big to be transplanted into the garden?

Penny's Tomatoes and Pepper Joe's
Kevin, 6 weeks before the last expected frost. It's always better to be a little late...than a little too early which can kill tender seedlings.

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