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Blanching tomatoes for freezing
Freezing tomatoes
Canning tomatoes vs. freezing
Putting up tomatoes

I personally like Freezing my tomatoes. It's easier and I believe healthier

I do a quick one minute blanch in scalding hot water to kill off any harmful enzymes, bacteria or fungus. Then I put them in a strainer and do a cold water rinse. When they cool off I cut them in 1/4's and fill up a zip lock freezer bag. Presto. Finished. I put my tomatoes up seed, skin and all. With most veggies the skin is loaded with the vitamins and nutrients. Blanching tomatoes to freeze them is just that simple. And zip lock bags are much less expensive than jars, seals, etc. Putting up tomatoes can be so time consuming and have a high costs.

I use my frozen tomatoes for Chili, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, etc. all Winter long. They taste exactly the same as the day I picked our vine ripened tomatoes. Delicious. They also stack very well in freezer bags to take up little space in the freezer.

tomatoes in containers
After you blanch your tomatoes you can put them into the containers from your local Chinese Carry out.
frozen tomatoes
Frozen tomatoes are both delicious and nutritious.
frozen tomatoes
Blanching tomatoes and freezing them can be done in less than an hour.
frozen tomatoes
Freezing tomatoes in Gallon size Freezer Bags allows you to stack them and save freezer space.
frozen tomatoes
Look at the red ripe color on these frozen tomatoes loaded with Lycopene and Vitamin C.
canned tomatoes
Canning tomatoes. Doesn't even LOOK complicated?

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