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The Gourmet Black Tomato

The Cherokee Purple Tomato is Penny's personal favorite. TM Pic

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Black Tomatoes are winning tastes test everywhere. TM Pic.

I'm sure you've heard of the black tomato but have you ever tried one? The black tomato is quickly gaining popularity in the tomato family and comes in approximately 50 different mouth watering varieties. Their rich mahogany color makes them stand out from other tomato varieties and gives them almost an 'overripe' appearance. The black tomatoes flavor is best described as having a smooth less acidic, sweeter taste than the red varieties with a delicious hint of smokiness. The unique combination of rich color and robust flavor has elevated the black tomato to what many are calling a 'Gourmet' status. These tasty tomatoes have 4 entrees in the top 10 Best Selling Tomatoes Varieties and are quickly becoming 'all the rage' in every garden.

On the downside the black tomato has a shorter shelf life than they hybrid varieties that are bred especially for mass production and transportation making them hard to find at your local grocery store. If you want to experience the black tomatoes delicious flavor you might be able to find them at your Farmers Market but more than likely you'll have to grow them yourself.

If you are looking to grow your own black tomatoes and are not sure which variety/varieties to try here are a few of my best sellers:

The Black Krim has a rich slightly salty flavor, grows well in the heat and is an abundant producer producing slightly larger tomatoes in about 75 to 90 days.

The Black Prince is quickly becoming a world wide favorite and grows very well even in cooler climates. It's a fairly small plant that produces sweet and juicy medium sized tomatoes in approx 70 days.

The Cherokee Purple is one of the most loved of the black tomatoes because of its delicious sweet flavor, making them perfect for eating right off the vine. It's a highly productive plant, very easy to grow delivering 10 to 12oz fruits in approx 80 days.

The Black Cherry or Chocolate Cherry has the classic black sweet tomato flavor packed in a bite sized morsel.

These irresistibly delicious tomatoes will be ready to eat in about 65 days and make a great addition to every garden.

The Black Seaman looks strange but tastes delicious. This rich full bodied variety is best planted early and delivers 8 to 10 oz fruits with dark skins and pink shoulders in approx 75 days. These mouthwatering tomatoes are great right off the vine or you can spruce up that sandwich.

The black tomato makes a colorful and tasty addition to any garden and though not a great canning tomato it has achieved the 'Gourmet' status for a reason and that is because it's ONE DELICIOUS TOMATO!

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