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FREE Upside-down Tomato Gardens

Buckets make a wonderful Upside Down Tomato planter. Recycle your old ones and drill holes in the bottom to plant your tomatoes in.

Don't throw away those old watering cans. They also make a perfect upside down tomato grower...with a handle as well. TM Pic

Upside down tomato gardening is perfect for people who have apartments or limited space but still want to grow their own tomatoes... and why shouldn’t they?   There’s nothing quit like a home grown juicy tomato and retail stores know it and are capitalizing on it with products like the Topsy-Turvy and the Upside Down Tomato Garden. There a several different upside down containers on the market but you can make your own out of old buckets, 2 liter pop bottles, or get creative.  I like making my own for many different reasons but mainly because it’s free. WOW....FREE Upside down Tomatoes. The topsy-turvy containers crack and are beat up by the end of the summer and have to be thrown out creating more trash.  I like making my own is because I feel like I’m recycling old junk that would just clog up or environment and that makes me feel like I’m doing my part in being ECO friendly.  This year I used my old 5 gallon buckets which made great planters.  And I didn’t fill up the trash bin with unwanted buckets or junk, I recycled it.  I grew some of the best tomatoes tasting tomatoes in my home made upside down planters this year. I encourage you to get creative and recycle some of your old buckets and grow YOUR own great tasting tomatoes.

Here’s all you need to make your own upside down tomato planter:

*       Buckets with an approximate 1 ½ to 2 inch diameter hole in the bottom (you know the buckets I’m talking about…the ones in the garage that you were going to throw out?

*       Good organic soil

*       Chain and an “S” hook to hang them with

*       And of course the tomato plant.  Use your seedlings that are at least 6 inches high keeping the dirt that the roots are packed in.

Put it all together and ta da!!! You have your upside down tomato plants.   

Another FREE Tip just check with your local Florists or Nurseries...and pick up their 5 gallon Plant Containers that they usually throw away.  Hang yourself with string, rope,  wire, etc. and drill holes in the bottom.  Add soil and Presto!  Your no charge, Upside down Tomato Planters.

Penny Mohney

Upside Down Tomato Planters

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